About us

Welcome to jumaanji

jumaanji.com is a startup self funded ecommerce programme, a platform to offer product onilne in retail, wholesale, deals, offer product customization for eligible products through various sellers as a group. We assist sellers to exhibit their products online mainting their own seller profile, where regular clients or end user helps online community to discuss about pro & cons about a product & service in the way of forem, blog, social media. We also offer private one to one project discussions, solution about a customization need, delivery freight services, custom cleareance, inspection and assist sellers to achieve client expections. Thus, Jumaanji is a platform to explore all possibilities of virtual market place, for established brand, private labels to sell online in domestic & export market.


We differentiate ourselves through a combination of products available for end user and OEM and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our founders have deep roots in its field of communities and our selections serve purposeful to end user, brands and OEM alike.